Top 10 Strategies to Monetize TikTok in 2023

TikTok, the viral video sharing platform, has not only reshaped the landscape of social media but also emerged as a lucrative avenue for income generation. With its increasing popularity, particularly…

TikTok, the viral video sharing platform, has not only reshaped the landscape of social media but also emerged as a lucrative avenue for income generation. With its increasing popularity, particularly among younger demographics, making money on TikTok in 2023 has become an achievable reality for many.

Understanding TikTok

At its core, TikTok is a short-form video sharing platform that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic. It’s known for its distinctive algorithm that makes content discovery extremely engaging, making the platform highly addictive.

The key to succeeding on TikTok lies in understanding how the algorithm works and crafting content that your audience loves. The more engaging your content, the higher the chances of it being served to a wider audience.

Ten Tactics to Make Money on TikTok

1. Joining the Creator Fund

TikTok’s Creator Fund is a pool of money set aside by the platform to pay creators for their efforts. Once you hit the eligibility criteria of having a certain number of followers and consistent engagement, you can apply to join the fund.

2. Using Live Streams for Virtual Gifts

TikTok offers a feature where fans can gift coins to their favorite creators during live streams. These coins can be converted into “diamonds” and then exchanged for real money.

3. Growing and Selling Accounts

A less conventional way of making money on TikTok is by creating an account around a specific niche, growing its following, and then selling the account to brands or individuals interested in a ready-made audience.

4. Brand Partnerships

If you manage to build a substantial following, brands might approach you for partnerships. Collaborating with brands for product placements or endorsements can be a great source of income.

5. Sponsored Posts

Much like brand partnerships, once you have a sizable following, you can earn money through sponsored posts. These are posts where a company pays you to promote their product or service on your TikTok account.

6. Affiliate Marketing

You can also make money on TikTok by promoting products and earning a commission on any sales made through your unique affiliate link.

7. TikTok Ads

Once you’ve grown a substantial following, you can use your platform to promote your own products or services. This could involve using TikTok ads to draw attention to what you’re offering.

8. Merchandise Promotion

If you have your own range of merchandise, you can use your TikTok account to promote these products. This is particularly popular among creators who have built a strong personal brand.

9. TikTok Consulting Services

As you grow your following and gain expertise on the platform, you could offer TikTok consulting services. Many businesses are keen to understand how to leverage the platform and may be willing to pay for expert advice.

10. Teaching TikTok Strategies

If you’ve successfully cracked the code of TikTok, consider sharing your knowledge with others. You could create a course or offer one-on-one coaching sessions teaching TikTok strategies.


With the right approach and consistent effort, TikTok can be a significant source of income. While not every method will be right for every person, this list provides a broad range of strategies that cater to different interests and skills. Remember, the key to making money on TikTok, as with any platform, lies in understanding your audience and delivering content they love.


  1. How much can I earn from the TikTok Creator Fund?
    • The amount varies based on several factors including the performance of your videos and the overall number of views on TikTok.
  2. Can I make money on TikTok without a large following?
    • While a large following often helps, there are other methods like selling accounts or offering consulting services where a large audience isn’t necessary.
  3. Is it possible to make money on TikTok immediately?
    • Building a significant presence on TikTok takes time and patience. However, once you establish a strong following, various monetization options can open up.
  4. What type of content performs best on TikTok?
    • There isn’t a definitive answer as it largely depends on your audience’s preferences. However, content that is entertaining, informative, and authentic often performs well.
  5. Can I lose access to the TikTok Creator Fund once I’ve joined?
    • Yes, if your content violates TikTok’s community guidelines or terms of service, you can be removed from the Creator Fund.

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