Can I install the Aptoide application on my PC

Aptoide is one of those online platforms that offer a number of very interesting applications. These applications are to be downloaded and then installed on an Android operating system. But…

Aptoide is one of those online platforms that offer a number of very interesting applications. These applications are to be downloaded and then installed on an Android operating system. But can we install the Aptoide application on a PC? We tell you everything!

Aptoide for Android: what is it?

Aptoide for Android is the application marketplace, or Ali Baba’s cave when it comes to choosing applications. Aptoide differs from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store in that any user who has created an account can have their own range of applications, called a store.

Aptoide is a platform that can be installed on Android. Sorry to disappoint you, but no, Aptoide is unfortunately not available on PC.

With Aptoide, any mobile user with an Android smartphone can install the APK file of the application and then have access to a whole set of applications.

A platform available in several languages

Aptoide has been so successful that it has been translated into a number of languages, some 40. This application has a community of 200 million users and boasts millions of downloads.

A great success for a platform that wanted to compete with the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

What Aptoide offers, a revolutionary application

Aptoide has many advantages. The platform, traditionally, offers many games intended for use on Android operating system (smartphone).

If at the very beginning Aptoide was specialized in games, today you can find all kinds of applications to download. A nice evolution and a nice bet for this community and personal platform.

Applications classified in categories

The Aptoide platform is easy to use, with a very intuitive and ergonomic interface, designed for Android smartphone users.

The navigation on the platform is easy and suitable for all ages, whether you are a novice or an expert on smartphone or Android. The categories are self-explanatory and allow you to make targeted searches for applications, a real plus compared to the Play Store or the Apple Store.

Aptoide classifies applications by download popularity, by ranking, by search popularity, by category and sub-categories and finally by genre or theme. Perfect to discover applications without necessarily knowing their name.

Aptoide and its different versions

Aptoide exists in different versions for Android, which it is important to know how to differentiate. For example, one of the versions of Aptoide for Android is available exclusively for tablets and smartphones. In this case, you need to go and get the APK file of the Aptoide for Android application in order to install it on the tablet or on your smartphone.

If you intend to download the APK file and install it on a smart TV, then you will have to get the Aptoide TV version, with Aptoide Kids, which is perfectly suitable for devices intended for children.

What about Aptoide on a computer?

If you are on a PC and you absolutely want to have Aptoide on your laptop or Mac, unfortunately, Aptoide is not the kind of platform developed for that. Currently, there is no version of Aptoide for Mac or for PC.

Defeating the system with an emulator

With an emulator, it is possible to download any application to a PC. The same is true with Aptoide. If you really want to have Aptoide on PC, you can have it with an emulator.

The principle? Make as if your PC was a smartphone, and have the application and its configurations on your PC screen, but with the smartphone design. Not very practical, but it works!

The best known emulator in this genre is Bluestacks, which allows you to download any application and find it on your PC screen in large format.

Beware: not all the features of the application are necessarily up to scratch, depending on how the application was developed by its developers. For example, Instagram via an emulator does not allow you to access all the filter features.

Download Bluestacks for PC

This is the first thing you’ll need to do to get Aptoide on your PC: download Bluestacks and then add the Aptoide app via the Aptoide APK file, available on Google.

Add the APK via the Bluestacks interface and finally enjoy the features of Aptoide.

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